These delicious skewers of chicken are popular street food in Indonesia. This Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe are quick to make and eat.

Sate or Satay is a Malay and Indonesian spelling about the meat dish that is seasoned, skewered and grilled and served with the sauce.

Sate word is also used to satisfy your hunger also. Sometimes you are very hungry and you feel that you will eat several plates and sometimes you sate your appetite with a small plate of salad.


Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe is very popular in the Malay areas and this grilled chicken recipe is available in each street of the country. Learn how to make Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe in your own kitchen.



Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe

Long grain rice, 2 cups

Boneless chicken, 450 g

Salt, to taste

Limes, quartered, to garnish

Green Chili, to garnish

Green salad, to serve


For the Sauce

Sunflower oil, 1 tbsp

Small chopped onion, 1

Garlic clove, crushed, 1

Hot chili sauce, ½ tsp

Sugar, 1 tbsp

Soy sauce, 2 tbsp.

Lime or lemon juice, 2 tbsp

Anchovy essence (optional), ½ tsp

Peanut butter, 4 tbsp



Preparation Method:

Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe

Place the rice in a large saucepan and cover with 3 ¼ cups of boiling water, stir and simmer uncovered for about 15 minutes until the liquid has been absorbed. Switch off the heat, cover and stand for 5 minutes.

Slice the chicken into the thin strips then thread zig-zag fashion on to 16 bamboo skewers.

To make the sauce, very gently heat the sunflower oil in a pan. Add the onion and cook over on a low heat to soften without coloring for about 3-4 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and the anchovy essence, if using. Simmer briefly then gently stir in the peanut butter.

Arrange the skewers on a baking tray and spoon over a third of the sauce, Grill for 6-8 minutes, turnings once. Serve on a bed of boiled rice, accompanied by the remaining sauce. Garnish with the limes and chili and serve with salad.



Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe

Indonesian Grilled Chicken Recipe can also be prepared with lean beef, mutton or prawns for a delicious alternative.


Serve, 4 persons


Nutrition Notes

Peanut and Grilled Chicken Recipe


Energy, 689Kcals

Fat, 21.07 g

Saturated fat, 4.95g

Cholesterol, 77.62 mg

Fibre, 1.39 g