Potato and Bacon Pizza is one of the most favorite pizzas in Europe. This dish has gathered great attention. The recipe for this pizza is very simple. It means that’s preparing Potato and Bacon Pizza at home is not difficult. It is expensive outside that’s why you should keep the recipe. Just check the important ingredients and instruction to prepare a delicious Potato and Bacon Pizza for your family.



Potato and Bacon Pizza Recipe


• 1 pound pizza dough.
• 4 cups flour.
• Cornmeal.
• Havarti grated 8 ounces or 2 cups.
• Red potatoes in sliced form ½ pounds.
• Yeast.
• Tomato paste.
• Sausages.
• Four scallions in sliced form.
• Four strips uncooked bacon, each piece should be ½ inch.
• Kosher salt.
• Black pepper.



Making Method:

Potato and Bacon Pizza Recipe


Preparing the tasty Pizza will require dough.

Let’s see how to make the dough.

• Mix the yeast with flour and add some hot water.

• Stir this mixture in order to make a paste.

• Knead the dough when it is harder.

• Add olive oil to the dough and keep it for 2 hours.

• Make 4 rounds of dough in pan.

• Sprinkle Havarti, scallions, and potatoes.

• Add bacon with salt ¼ tsp.

• Sprinkle the black pepper.

• Preheat the oven on a level of 475 degrees F.

• Place the pan inside and turn the crust brown.

• Add the sausages and sprinkle some black pepper.

• The awesome Potato and Bacon Pizza is ready to serve.


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