Quick Breakfast Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipe


This Quick Breakfast Recipe is one of the Perfect Breakfast recipes that help you to start an active and healthy day. Certainly, a Healthy Breakfast can give you an edge on controlling hunger later during the day. You can make Quick & Healthy Recipe with Veg Ready in Minutes.


 Quick Breakfast Recipe | Perfect Breakfast Recipe


8 slice Bread

2 eggs

1 tsp Black pepper

1 tbsp Milk

2 tbsp Tomato chopped

1 tsp Salt

2 tbsp Capsicum chopped

1 tbsp Carrot chopped

1 tbsp Spring onion

Oil for fry

Mozzarella cheese as required


Quick Breakfast Recipe | Perfect Breakfast Recipe

 Preparation Method


Take a bowl and add eggs in it.

Beat it well.

Add salt, black pepper, and milk.

Beat it well.

Add tomatoes, capsicum, carrot and spring onion.

Mix it well.

Take a piece of slice cut in from mid in square shape.

Heat up oil in a flat pan.

Put the bread on it.

Now add the egg mixture in the middle of the bread.

Approximately 2- 3 tbsp

Now add Mozzarella cheese over it.

Then cover it with square-cut pieces of bread.

Fry it from both sides.

Your breakfast is ready.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast.


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