The rainbow ice cream cake recipe is one of the colorful cakes that one can make at home. The use of cream and vanilla extracts along with the butter give a distinct taste to this ice cream cake.



Rainbow Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Condensed milk                    100 grams

Double cream                        400 ml

Vanilla extracts                      2 tbsp

Butter                                       300 grams

Icing sugar                              300 grams

Vanilla pod paste                   2 tbsp

Plain flour                               475 grams

Unsalted butter                      280 grams

Baking powder                        3 tbsp

Caster sugar                             350 grams

Egg whites                                 8

Whole egg                                  2

Vanilla extracts                         2 tbsp

Buttermilk                                  270 ml

Assorted rainbow gel food color

Sprinkles to decorate



Preparation Method:

Rainbow Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Take a mixer and add condensed milk, cream, and vanilla.

Pour the mixture into the cling film lined a cake tin, the size of the tin should be the same as the cake you will bake.

Take the two tin and spray the oil.

Take the cream and the butter, add sugar and egg whites.

Make it a creamy solution and then add vanilla.

Stir the solution consistently.

Add the entire dry ingredient slowly and keep the mixture stirring.

Use an ice cream scoop and separate the batter into different bowls.

Add food colors to the batter.

Use a scoop to separate the colors into the tins.

Order the colors as per the requirement

Preheat the oven to around 180°C.

Bake the ingredients between 30-35 minutes.

Remove from the oven and all it to cool.

Warp it and allow it to freeze.

Take the buttercream and allow it to soften a little.

Beat the cream and add icing sugar and vanilla for around 5 minutes

Pour the cream on top of the cakes.

Take the first layer off from the cake.

Add ice cream layer onto it.

Remove the cling film now.

Coat the cake with the buttercream and fill all the gaps.

Sprinkle to decorate.

Freeze for another half an hour

The Rainbow Ice Cream Cake is ready to be served.


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