Raw Mango Squash

कच्चे आम का शरबत        کچے آم کا شربت گرمی بھگاۓ


Raw Mango Squash is a special healthy recipe that brings cool in the body during hot summer. Using only three ingredients can make mouthwatering and delicious Raw Mango Squash at home. Add Ice cubes as you desire for soothing and cooling effect. It helps you to feel cool in this hot weather.



Raw Mango Squash

कच्चे आम का शरबत | کچے آم کا شربت


1 kg Raw Mangoes (Keri)

1 kg Sugar

One tbsp. Black salt

Water 50% of the raw mango pulp


Raw Mango Squash

कच्चे आम का शरबत | کچے آم کا شربت

Preparation Method:

Peel out all the mangoes.

Cut it in square shape.

In a pan add water.

Then add mangoes boil it till becomes soft.

Take out all the mangoes & reduce water by about 30 %

Keep the mangoes aside to make them cool.

In a blender add the mangoes and its water.

Blend it well until it becomes a fine paste.

In a cooking pot add the mango paste.

Then add sugar.

Cook it till sugar is dissolved.

Keep it aside and let it cool.

Pour it in a bottle.

Yummy Raw Mango Squash is ready to drink

In a glass pour 1/4 quarter of squash, filled the glass with cold water and add some crushed ice.

Also, add a pinch of Black salt to add flavor in it. Mix it well.

Feel relax and cool after drinking this homemade Squash.

You can store it in an airtight bottle and keep it in a cool place. you can use it for about 4 -6 months.


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