Red Cabbage is a type of head cabbage and has been enjoyed as a vegetable since the 8th century. It differs from other head cabbages in that it has higher vitamin C content. In addition, it is easier to digest, contains more roughage and is naturally RED. It is reddish blue leaves turn a deeper red with the addition of acid, which is why most recipes for cooking it include a little vinegar, wine, lemon juice or cooking apple. It associates especially well with all types of meats and game. Red cabbage should never be boiled in an aluminum saucepan because the red dye reacts with aluminum and loses its strength and the cabbage turns a bluish color. Red cabbage is available almost all year round as early cabbage, semi-early cabbage, and autumn cabbage.


Storage: Red Cabbage | Vegetable

You can keep up to 14 days in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Always cover a cut cabbage with foil.