Rogan Josh Mutton Curry Recipe

Rogan Josh Mutton Curry Recipe

Rogan josh is a Kashmiri dish. The dish is actually considered as a part of Persian cousin. Rogan josh Mutton Curry Recipe is basically a curry and there are loads of flavors in it.



Ingredients: Rogan Josh Mutton Curry Recipe


The following ingredients are for 5-6 servings

• 2 ½ table spoon ginger paste
• 8 cloves
• 10 table spoon vegetable oil
• 800 grams of meat (lamb, chicken or beef)
• 10 cardamom pods
• 2 bay leaves
• 10 pepper cons
• 2 ½ cinnamon sticks
• 4 medium sized chopped onions
• 1 table spoon coriander
• 2 table spoon paprika
• 4 table spoon paprika
• 1 table spoon salt
• 100 grams yogurt
• 6 table spoon pepper



How to prepare: Rogan Josh Mutton Curry Recipe

• Use a blender to make a paste of ginger and garlic

• Heat the pot with the oil inside, add meat to the oil.

• Add cardamom and bay leaves.

• Add pepper cons and the cinnamon.

• Stir the oil; add cloves to the heated pot.

• Wait for bay leaves to give color.

• Add chopped onions and stir for 6 minutes. Wait for onions to turn light brown.

• Add ginger garlic paste and keep stirring for 30 seconds.

• Add the coriander, cumin, paprika-cayenne, and then salt.

• Add the fried meat and wait for 30 seconds.

• Add 1 table spoon of yogurt, and fry for 5 minutes.

• Add 300 ML water for (chicken).

• Boil the curry and add spices.

• Leave the pot on heat for an hour.

• Make it sure that pot is stirred continuously after every 15 minutes.

• Increase the heat to a medium level.

• Sprinkle pepper and spice over the curry.

The Rogan Josh Mutton Curry Recipe dish is ready to serve.

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