It is a delicious romantic dinner recipe at the end of an ‘Angle Kiss’ with white cream with Tia Maria (coffee liquor) or brandy. You can enjoy it in place of dessert. It is slightly sweet and you must pour ingredients carefully that do not mix. You can make a dessert-style beverage for special Romantic dinner.

Romantic Dinner Recipe

Cocktail Recipe

Dessert-Style Beverage

Category: Coffee & Cream Cocktail

SERVES: 2 Serving

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: No cook

Total time: 10 minutes


Ingredients: Romantic Dinner Recipe – Angel’s Kiss

100ml chilled Tia Maria

2 Tbsp of double white cream

Cocoa powder for dusting


Preparation Method: Romantic Dinner Recipe – Angel’s Kiss

In small liqueur or cocktail glasses pour the Tia Maria and very carefully add the double cream off the top so that it floats on top and makes a separate layer. Using a tea strainer sprinkle cocoa over the cream and serve with your meal.



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