Make this mild Saffron Dip Recipe with fresh vegetable crudités. Saffron Dip is particularly good with florets of cauliflower.



Saffron Dip Recipe | Saffron Sauce Recipe

Small pinch of saffron strands

200 g Fromage frais

10 fresh chives

10 fresh basil leaves

Salt and freshly grounded black pepper

Vegetable crudités, to serve


Preparation Method:

Saffron Dip Recipe | Saffron Sauce Recipe

Pour 1 tbsp boiling water into a small heatproof bowl and add the saffron strands. Leave to infuse for about 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Beat the fromage frais until smooth, then stir in the infused saffron liquid.

Use scissors to snip the chives into the dip. Tear the basil leaves into small pieces and stir them in.

Season Saffron Dip or Saffron Sauce with salt and pepper. Serve immediately with vegetable crudités.



Saffron Dip Recipe | Saffron Sauce Recipe

Leave out the saffron and add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice instead. Alternatively, substitute the saffron strands with ready ground saffron powder.


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