If you are planning for a picnic with your family and neighbors but do not know the best appetizer to prepare the Salad Recipe on Sticks is the best option for you. Salad on Sticks Recipe is an easy to prepare appetizer that is great to astonish your guest at any point in time.  This best recipe website is about to offer you Salad on Sticks Recipe, so you can prepare it this weekend for your guest.


The Ingredients:

Salad Recipe on Sticks

  • 8wedges of iceberg lettuces, 1 inch each.
  • 4 strips of already cooked bacon, chopped into the half.
  • 8 grapes of tomatoes.
  • 8 pieces of bamboo toothpicks
  • 8 tsp of cheese salad dressing, blue.
  • 8 tsp of crumbled cheese, blue. You can add more to taste.


The Method of Preparation:

Salad Recipe on Sticks

Thread each of the ingredients such as bacon pieces, lettuce wedges, grape tomatoes accordingly into a toothpick. Organize the toothpick on serving platter. Sprinkle 1 tsp of your blue cheese salad dressing on each of the picked ingredients and drizzle with blue cheese also. Then your Salad on Sticks recipe is ready to be served.


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