Sea Lettuce | Ulva is a type of algae that is edible in nature. Coasts of the oceans are one of the feasible places for the development of this plant. The leaves of this vegetable are flat, thin and broader at the same time. It is seaweed that has a wrinkled appearance and it has a close resemblance with the lettuce leaves. It is a plant that has a bright green color and it has paler sort of margins around the edges. It is a source of food that has sea flavor and aroma; it can best with salads, soups, meat, and fish.


This green vegetable is also used a green laver in most parts of the world. In China Sea Lettuce | Ulva has also used a medicine. Naturally, it is a food source has a sufficient amount of iodine, aluminum, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc and ash.