Sindhi Fried Fish Recipe

Sindhi Fried Fish Recipe

Sindhi fried Fish is a special dish of Sindh Province of Pakistan. It is delicious and crispy marinated in local spices, deep fried and served with green salad and chutney varieties.



Ingredients: Sindhi Fried Fish Recipe



Sweet water fish                               2.5 kg

Dried red chilies, crushed               2 tbsp

Coriander seeds, crushed               4 tbsp

White cumin seeds, crushed           2 tbsp

Lemon                                               1

Salt                                                     to taste

Cooking oil                                         for frying




Preparation Method: Sindhi Fried Fish Recipe



Wash the fish thoroughly and cut into pieces. Mix chilies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and salt in lemon juice and make a paste. Rub this paste on the fish pieces and leave for marinade for 2 hours.


Heat the oil in wok and fry the fish for 7-10 minutes each side or until turns golden.  If you want it spicy, sprinkle the fish masala on it.


Sindhi Fried Fish is ready; serve with vegetable salad and chutney.

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