Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce

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Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce

Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce is a great dinner recipe to entice your guest in the shortest period of time. It has simple ingredients and you can make it on lesser time to entertain your guest.



Serves 4


Ingredients: Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce


Beef steak                                                          4

Margarine or butter                                        25 g

Vegetable oil                                                     1 tbsp

Black pepper, freshly grounded                     to taste

Sprigs of watercress                                         to garnish



Butter                                                                 25 g

Red vermouth                                                   150 ml

Grainy mustard sauce                                      ½ tsp



Preparation Method: Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce


Sprinkle the steaks with black pepper on both sides.


Heat the margarine and oil in a large frying pan, add steaks and fry over brisk heat until browned on the sides, turning once. Remove the steaks from the pan with a slotted spoon, arrange on a warmed serving platter and keep hot.



Make the Sauce: Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce


Melt the butter over moderate heat. When it begins to forth, stir in the vermouth, mustard salt and pepper to taste. Boil quickly until the liquid has become slightly syrupy.


Pour the sauce immediately over the steaks, garnish with watercress and serve at once.



Cook’s Note: Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce



10 minutes preparation and cooking time 20 minutes



Steaks Buying Guide: Steak with Vermouth Sauce

For getting the best results, buy rump or sirloin steaks, cut about ¼ inch thick. Less expensive alternatives, sold in supermarkets, are flash-fry steaks – lean beef which has been tenderized – or minute steaks – the name often given to thin slices of sirloin.


Serving Ideas: Beef Steak with Vermouth Sauce

Serve the steaks with small potatoes baked in their jackets, any frozen vegetable and baked tomatoes. Alternatively, serve with garlic bread and fresh green salad, tossed in a dressing


Did you know about Vermouth?

Vermouth is a wine based drink to which alcohol and herbs have been added. The herb flavor makes it ideal for cooking. Available in both dry and sweet forms, it is sold under various well-known trade names. For cooking, the sweeter red vermouth goes well with beef steak, while the drier white marries well with chicken and fish.


455 calories per portion

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