This is a fun way to enjoy Seaweeds (Nori – A nutritious sea veggie along with your routine raw veggies. Don’t get disheartened if your rolls are not perfect, the more rolls you make, the better your sushi skills will improve. More so, brown rice, veggies, and seaweed taste great no matter what shape they are in.



Sushi Recipe | Sushi Rolls

Carrot, cut into matchstick shape, ¼

Avocado, sliced into length, ½

Spinach or mixed greens, ½ cup

Cucumber, cut into matchstick shape, ¼

Sticky brown rice, 3 cups

Alfalfa or sunflower sprouts, ¼ cup

Nori seaweed, 1 large sheet

Raw sesame seeds, 1 Tsp

Sliced ginger and/or wasabi, to garnish

Liquid soy seasoning, ¼ cup


Preparation Method:

Sushi Recipe | Sushi Rolls

Cook 3 cups of brown rice according to the rice packet instructions but add an extra cup of water to ensure sushi-worthy stickiness.

Lay out nori on a hard, flat surface.

Spread the ¾ cup or less of prepared sticky brown rice on the sheet in a thin layer, leaving at least ¼ inch of rice-free nori borders.

Line strips of veggies at the edge of the nori, making sure they don’t take up more than ¼ of the entire nori sheet.

Tightly roll your sushi but not so tight to avoid break the nori.

Seal the edge of the roll by dipping your finger in water and running it across the open edge of the nori.

Slice with a sharp knife into 6 to 8 pieces.

Serve Sushi Rolls with ginger or wasabi and freely dip your sushi into liquid soy seasoning.


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