Banana pepper is an amazing and vibrant pepper with a pungent kind of flavor. It resembles with regular banana in terms of its shape and color. It is one of the elongated species with slightly shiny kind of skin. More importantly, it is a source of food that can add elegance to dishes. This pepper is a favorite component for salads, curries, sandwiches, sausage mixtures, and baked items. Its skin gets firmer as soon as it reaches the maturity level.

Sweet Banana Pepper

The banana peppers with firmer walls are more suitable for stuffed dishes. To keep it fresh, it is recommended to store it at a darker cold place. To have the best taste, most of the cooks prefer to pickle or fry banana peppers. For garnishing purposes, sliced ringed form peppers can be a more versatile choice. For better health there is a plenty of Vitamin A and C is available in it.