Sweet Mango Chutney | Raw Mango Sweet Chutney


Nowadays, there is a stock of raw mangoes in the market. If you like to eat mango in any form, then you can prepare sweet mango chutney from it. This sweet mango chutney is very tasty to eat. You can use raw mango chutney as a side dish also.

If desired, Paratha or Puri can also be eaten very comfortably. Let’s know how to make raw mango sweet chutney.


Preparation Time -20 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Total time – 50 minutes


Sweet Mango Chutney | Raw Mango Sweet Chutney


2kg green raw mango

10-12 small round red chilies whole

250g Dry dates

125g raisin

Almond 10-12

1 tsp Kalonji

1 kg of sugar



Sweet Mango Chutney | Raw Mango Sweet Chutney

Preparation Method:

Wash the raw mango and peel them.

Cut into long medium size (Julian cut).

Meantime, you cut the dry dates into small pieces and keep in a bowl.

Wash and clean the raisin and keep them in a bowl.

Now, take a pan and include around 3 glass of water and place it on heat.

When water starts boiling, add the ready mango slices in the water and cook for 2 minutes then drain the water and keep aside.

Take another pan or use the same pan after cleaning and add 3 glasses of freshwater and place it on heat. Add sugar and mix it properly. When sugar is dissolved add the ready mango slices in it.

Also, include all other items in the cooking pan and mix it moderately.

Cook for 10-15 minutes on slow heat.

Now, close the heat and wait until it is cold.

Sweet Mango Chutney or Raw Mango Sweet Chutney is ready.

Keep in the already cleaned Jars for future use.

You can eat Mango Chutney with Paratha, Puri even with bread.


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