Sweet Pickled Onions

Sweet Pickled Onions

Sweet pickled onions recipe is so quick and easy that you can’t make any excuse not to make your own. Nothing can compare with the flavor of home-made pickled onions.



Microwave Cooking

Category              Pickles, Chutney


Preparation Time                             20 minutes

Cooking Time (microwave}          15 minutes


Makes                  1 KG


Ingredients: Sweet Pickled Onions

750g pickling onions

350g light brown sugar

500ml cider, malt or white vinegar

1 tbsp mustard seed

½ cinnamon stick

½ cup water

Pinch salt



Preparation Method: Sweet Pickled Onions

Put the onions into a large bowl and pour over enough water to just cover all of them. Cook for one minute on high flame.


Drain the onions and peel away all the brown skins. Rinse the peeled onions in the cold water.


Take a large pan and put the sugar, vinegar, mustard seeds, cinnamon, water and salt and cook uncovered on high flame for 5 minutes, keep stirring after each minute. Continue stirring until sugar has completely dissolved.


Strain the vinegar through a nylon sieve into a large bowl to discard mustard seeds and cinnamon stick.


Now, place the onions into a clean and sterilized jars, keeping the some space to prevent them rising when the vinegar is poured over.


Pour the vinegar over the onions in the jars.


Arrange the jars on a microwave-proof baking sheet and cook on high for 5 minutes before covering and sealing in the usual way.


Serving Idea:

Serve these onions with fresh bread and for a delicious lunch or serve as pickle with main dishes.



Use the spiced vinegar of this recipe for other vegetables.

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