Biryani Recipe

Keema Biryani | Qeema Biryani | Minced Mutton Biryani

A traditional recipe, Keema biryani is a unique dish made with rice, spices, meat (lamb, chicken, beef ...) or fish and vegetables. It is prepared with lamb in this easy-to-make, step-by-step recipe. Discover this typical dish of Asian cuisine...

Sindhi Beef Biryani Recipe | Beef Biryani Recipe

Sindhi beef biryani has a unique flavor and a little spicy too. It is a traditional dish in the sub-continent. All you will need is just meat, rice, and some simple ingredients. This beef biryani is pretty easy to make at home.

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Achari Qeema Biryani Recipe

  Achari Qeema Biryani is a delicious subcontinent dish. It is a healthier dish and usually serves during lunch or dinner, it's easy to cook. You can easily spice your rice with beef/mutton/chicken mince with the aroma of pickle and the mint. Make Achari Qeema Biryani Recipe at your own [...]

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