Tapioca Pearl Pudding Recipe

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Tapioca Pearl Pudding Recipe

Tapioca is a starch that that are extracted from cassava root. Topioca species is the native to the Northen Region of the Brazil but it is well known throughout the South America.

I tasted Tapioca Pearl Pudding during my visit to the region at my hosts’ house. I love the simplicity of homemade tapioca pudding; it is milk-based ice cream with tapioca starch or milk based clustered with tapioca starch that are obtained from hundreds of slightly chewy tapioca pearls.

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Ingredients: Tapioca Pearl Pudding Recipe

• 2 cups of whole milk
• 1 cup of heavy cream
• 1 tabs of dry milk powder (nonfat)
• 1/8 cup of small pearl tapioca that is not instant or quickly cooking
• 1/3 cup of sugar
• 1 large egg yolk already beaten and combine
• Nutmeg, freshly grated for serving



Preparation Method: Tapioca Pearl Pudding

1. Beat milk, salt, milk powder and cream into a saucepan of medium size; put in tapioca and allow the mixture to sit for about 30 minutes so as to hydrate.

2. Put in sugar to the mixture of tapioca and boil over a medium heat. Reduce the heat to a medium-low heat and simmer, stir frequently as you cook till you get consistency that is same as a thick soup after heating for about 10 to 12 minutes. Beat in egg yolk and simmer, occasionally stirring every 2 minutes so as to let the mixture thicken slightly. Allow to cool, and stir occasionally for about 10 minutes.

3. Divide your tapioca pearl pudding between small glasses. Chill the pudding till cold or thicken for at least 2 hours. Serve your tapioca pearl pudding with nutmeg.

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