Enjoy this Tomato and potato Stew. In my childhood, the stew prepared and presented to the table at least once a week. This sauce is perfect to accommodate any type of meat or vegetables. You can prepare the stew recipe in your own kitchen.


SERVES                        4

Preparation and cooking time 50 minutes


Tomato and Potato Stew


500g beefsteak tomatoes

500g floury potatoes

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

2 tbsp olive oil

8 tbsp chicken stock

1 sprig of thyme

1 sprig of rosemary

Salt and pepper

1 tbsp chopped parsley

1 tbsp chopped basil



Tomato and Potato Stew

Preparation Method:

Finely dice the onion and garlic. Blanch, peel, core and chop the tomatoes.

Heat the oil in a flame-proof casserole and lightly brown the onion and garlic. Add the tomatoes, thyme, and rosemary. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook over low heat for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, wash and finely dice the potatoes. Stir into the tomato mixture and pour over the stock. Cover and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes, stirring from time to time. Season again and serve sprinkled with parsley and basil.

Present Tomato and Potato Stew as an accompaniment to fried chops or lamb barbeque.


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