Traditional and Famous Greek Food

Every Visitor Must Taste During Greece Trip


Most of the European people like Greek cuisines. These foods are available all over Europe as well as in other Asian countries. Greece is famous for stunning scenery, a remarkable history, and fantastic weather. Another reason for its popularity is full of flavor foods. If you have planned the Greece trip, you must try the traditional cuisines. Here are some of the never missing foods that everyone living or visiting European countries should order Greek Food to please the taste buds:

Baklava | Greek Food

Greek Dessert




You may notice that Greeks love to take desserts and a variety of sweets having olive oil and honey. Baklava is a traditional type of dessert that offers a unique Greek quintessential food taste. It is filled with honey, filo, and nuts. After filling the Baklava, it is baked and sweet syrup is distributed over the baked and crispy layers so these can absorb the sweetness. You will definitely enjoy this delicious dessert and desire to enjoy happy moments.

Greek Salad | Greek Food

Greek Veggie Salad

Greek salad is an essential part of a meal in Greece. It contains onions, cucumber olives, feta cheese, and tomatoes. Usually, it is served in an undressed way. The dressing options are left to your liking. You can select and combine the items you like. It is up to you to add olive oil, pepper, salt, or vinegar. You can use bell peppers if you want. Greek salad is offered in the form of a starter or your main dish if you are on a diet.

Dolmadakia (Grape Stuffed Leaves) | Greek Food

Grape Stuffed LeavesYou may not like to order this dish, but it is suggested to taste during your trip to Greece. Stuffed grape leaves have variations in the form of beef or lamb, and you can find boiled rice stuffing as well. Sometimes, it is offered with vegetables, fruits, or seafood, and Dolmadakia is served as a cold or hot appetizer.

Souvlaki (Grilled Meat) | Greek Food

Greek Grill Meat

Greeks are admired as the masters of spit-roasted and charcoal-grilled meat. Souvlaki is one of the famous dishes that cannot be skipped. Chunks of lamb, beef, or chicken are used to grill or roast. If you do not like meat, you are capable to order vegetable skewers. Fried potatoes, onion, and sliced tomatoes are used to make this dish. Later on, it is served with tzatziki. In every part of Greece, you are given an opportunity to enjoy mouth-watering grilled meat.

Tzatziki | Greek Food

Tzatziki - Greek Food

It is one of the popular classic appetizers or sauces that are being ordered with different meals. Sometimes, different dishes are cooked with Tzatziki. This luscious sauce has olive oil, garlic, strained thick yogurt, and fresh dill. It is usually served in form of sauce, side dish, or cold appetizer for sandwiches, grilled meat, or lamb shawarma. If you like the taste, you can enjoy this sauce with other dishes of your choice.

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