Do know that you can make turkey gravy recipe with or devoid of a chicken or turkey drippings? To make sure your turkey gravy recipe is thick, you can use flour plus some cornstarch to it.  Doing this will only take ten minutes of your time and it will surely produce about 4 cups of this sauce recipe for yourself and guests.


Ingredients: Turkey Gravy Recipe

  • A half cup of butter and shred
  • One teaspoon of black pepper
  • A half cup of flour
  • 4 cups of chicken stock or drippings



Preparation Method: Turkey Gravy Recipe

  • If you decide to use chicken or turkey drippings to prepare, all you need to do is to transfer the drippings to a mesh strainer. After this is done, you need to allow to cool –doing this will make the fats present in the drippings to rise and become solid. You can now remove the fat. In case you don’t have lots of drippings you can pour about four cups of chicken or turkey stock to it.


If you don’t use chicken or turkey dripping, you can make use of four cups of chicken or turkey stock.


  • Take your saucepan and put butter in it. Melt the butter with little heat.
  • Add a half cup to the saucepan as the butter melts, then put a half cup of flour (do this very slow).
  • When this is done about a few minutes, the all-purpose flour will have been mixed very well into the butter. After this, you need to start pouring the chicken broth into the pan.
  • After when the above step is done, cook the gravy for few minutes to make it thick. Serve into a clean plate.