Vanilla Ice Cream Souffle Recipe is one of the favorite ice creams for all.  We love to make different types of Souffle topped with different seasonal fruits for our small dinner parties. You can make it during the summer days and enjoy it with family and friends.



Vanilla Ice Cream Souffle Recipe


Vanilla ice cream, ½ kg

Fresh cream (whipped), 200 grams

Juice Pineapple, ¼ cup

Pineapple Jelly crystals, 85 grams

Pineapple pieces, 450 grams

Water, ¾ cup

Gelatin powder, 1 tsp

Cream, crushed pineapple, and cherries, for garnishing


Preparation Method:

Vanilla Ice Cream Souffle Recipe


Mix gelatin in pineapple juice and cook for 30 seconds and remove.

Whip ice cream in a bowl with an electric beater, add cream and whip again.

Dissolved jelly crystals in water, add gelatin mixture and mix thoroughly.

Add pineapple pieces and mix.

Place the mixture in ice cream bowl, whip with an electric beater till surface becomes foamy.

Pour this mixture into 6 glasses and place these in the refrigerator.

Garnish with crushed pineapple, cream, and cherries. You can garnish with other seasonal fruits.

Vanilla Ice Cream Souffle Recipe is ready. Enjoy in summer!



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