This summer, like the last one, is quite hot. While last summer it was hottest at 35.3° Celsius, this summer in 2019 is already heating up, with the Easter weekend set to be the hottest at 25° Celsius. Let us, therefore, cool down our throats with some nice summer coffee drinks.

Let your customers enjoy a variety of cold coffee drinks as a picture-perfect solution for the adverse weather conditions. Most of the recipes are gaining huge acceptance among the public at large. As can be seen through the statistics available, cold beverages sold by more than 14% from 2017 to 2018. This only shows that the sales will keep increasing as we experience hotter summer.

Therefore, let us churn our ideas to bring out new flavors of coffee drinks, which will thrill the customers to quench their parched throats. Some of these drinks we will be sharing here are Coffee Shake, as usual, Cafe Affogato from Italy, Thai Iced Coffee the Thai way, the Cold Brew Coffee and the Iced Vanilla Latte – the most popular drink, of course!

Coffee Shake

For this preparation, you require a blender, shot of espresso, milk, hot chocolate powder, and vanilla ice cream.

Take cooled brew of espresso shot and add it to 180ml of milk. Now, add a spoon of hot chocolate powder along with four scoops of vanilla-flavored ice cream to this milk mixture. Use the blender to perfectly mix the whole ingredients to form a super smoothie. Serve the shake immediately, for the customers to turn up again and again for this cool experience, on all hotter summer days.

Cafe Affogato

An Italian name, Affogato, meaning drowned, is part dessert part drink. The Cafe Affogato is prepared using gelato or vanilla ice cream, spread over with a blast of hot espresso. To flavor it up, spread the preparation with fruits or flavored syrup or even an alcoholic beverage. All these flavors according to the customer’s choice and you have various combinations of tasty desserts/drinks to each one’s heart’s delight!

Thai Iced Coffee

Kingdom, a type of filter, is widely seen in Thailand and is made from a cotton bag hanging around a metal ring (just like a sock suspended from a metal ring) with a handle. It has a similar procedure as you make Thai tea.

Use ground coffee to brew and just before brewing, add 2 teaspoons of cardamom, usually ground, along with one teaspoon of almond syrup and 4 tablespoons of sugar. Brew the mixture to its perfectness and the allow it to cool. Now add sufficient amount of crushed ice (about half the glass) and a scoop of cream. Your Thai Iced Coffee is ready to be served to the customers’ pleasure!

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold-brew, as the name suggests, is brewed literally cold; no heating. It is made to brew in such a way that its sweetness is gotten out rather than the acidic flavor. It is time-consuming and needs some prior preparation. Some practice and you will be off to preparing a cool enriching blend of Cold Brewed Coffee.

Iced Vanilla Latte

The enchanting Iced Vanilla Latte is last on our list but not the least and not surprisingly though is very popular all-round the globe. You may go through the guide with slides of pictures that help you prepare by yourself.

Ingredients include a half cup of milk, cold coffee, vanilla-flavored syrup of 2 tablespoons and some ice.

Except for ice, mix all other ingredients and pour the mixture over the cold ice and serve immediately while the ice melts. Yes! That is your textbook summer coffee! Enjoy the drink cooling and soothing your throat while it is simmering hot out in the summer!

Now that you know various popular and cherishing drinks, let your creative thoughts ponder over to prepare some lingering tasty unique coffee drinks. You may probably try a sprinkle of sauce or some other topping or some other flavored syrup or any other ingredients that are distinctive in aroma and taste.


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