Veggie Burgers Recipe | vegetable burgers

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Veggie Burgers Recipe | vegetable burgers

Low fat veggie burgers made with mixed vegetables are healthier and tastier. The great, protein filled vegetable burgers are the most favorite for those who love meatless dishes.



Ingredients: Veggie Burgers Recipe | vegetable burgers


Mushrooms (finely chopped)                                     115 g

Onion, chopped                                                            1 small

Courgette, chopped                                                     1 small

Carrot, chopped                                                           1

Unsalted peanuts or cashews                                    25 g

Fresh breadcrumbs                                                    2 cups

Fresh parsley, chopped                                              2 tbsp

Yeast extracts                                                              1 tsp

Salt                                                                                 to taste

Black pepper                                                                 to taste

Fine oatmeal or flour                                                   for shaping




Preparation Method: Veggie Burgers Recipe | vegetable burgers



Cook the mushrooms in a nonstick pan without oil, stirring for 9-10 minutes to drive off all the moisture.


Process the onion, courgette, carrot and nuts in a food processor until beginning to bind together.


Stir the mushroom, breadcrumbs, parsley, yeast extract and seasoning to taste. With oatmeal or flour give the shape into 4 burgers. Chill.


Cook the burger in a non stick frying pan with very little oil or under a hot grill for 8-10 minutes, turning once, until the burgers are cooked and golden brown.

Serve Veggie Burgers hot with a crisp salad.


Nutrition Notes

 Veggie Burgers Recipe | vegetable burgers


Energy                         126 Kcals

Fat                               3.8 g

Saturated fat               0.73 g

Cholesterol                  0

Fibre                            2.21 g


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