Watercress: Green Vegetable and a Refreshing Herb

Watercress is a refreshing herb that is fully equipped with the nutritious standards. It is one of the attractive moistly kind of vegetable that used in Asian cuisines, salads, soups, sandwiches and green drinks. As soon as it is cooked, it can have a stronger taste. As it can be served in raw form, it makes a great combination with veggies like a roman lattice.


In order to give flavor to the meals, this versatile source of diet can be made to boil, sauté and steam. Watercress leaves are also used as an alternative ingredient for sandwiches. It is a leafy kind of source that is categorized as one of the most powerful vegetables. The shelf life of these species is two to three days. Just like other family members, it is healthier food that can give smoothness to any dish. It has Manganese and Vitamin k in it.