Yogurt Lassi Recipe I دہی کی لسی

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Yogurt Lassi Recipe I دہی کی لسی



Yogurt Lassi is a popular and traditional summer drink from the India and Pakistan. It was originated from the Punjab. It is one of the most favorite drinks of common people during summer.



Ingredients: Yogurt Lassi Recipe



Yogurt                                                   ½ kg

Sugar                                                     1 tbsp

Salt                                                         ¼ tsp

Water                                                   1 glass

Ice (crushed)                                     as required



How to make Yogurt Lassi


Blend yogurt, water, sugar, salt and water in blender and mix it well.


Pour the Yogurt lassi in glassed and served chilled





Now, we are presenting the Yogurt Lassi Recipe in Urdu



دہی کی لسی

دہی                                آدھا کلو

پانی                               دو گلاس

برف                              آٹھ سے دس کیوبز

نمک                              دو چٹکی


دہی کی لسی

بلینڈر میں دہی، پانی، برف اور نمک سب چیزیں ڈال کر یک جان کر لیں۔ گلاس میں نکال کر مزیدار لسی پیش کریں۔


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