Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits

Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits

Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits are a classical Cold dessert, colorful fruit salad is the easiest desert to select your low fat menus. All around the year, huge variety of fresh fruit can make an exotic dessert recipe.



Ingredients: Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits



Tropical fruit juice                            1 cup

Gelatin powder                                 1 tbsp

Egg whites                                          3

Natural yogurt                                   150 g

Fine grated lime rind                      1 lime



For the filling

 Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits


Mango                                                  1

Kiwi fruit                                              2

Gooseberries                                    10-12

Lime juice                                            1




Preparation Method: Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits


Whisk the egg whites in a clean, dry bowl until they hold soft peaks. Continue whisking hard, whilst adding the yogurt and lime rind gradually.


Continue whisking hard and pour in the hot gelatin mixture.


Mix the gelatin mixture until everything is properly mixed. Quickly pour the mixture into a 1.5 litre ring mould. Chill the mould in the refrigerator until set. The mixture will set into two layers.


For the filling, peel and dice the mango. Peel and slice the kiwi fruit. Remove the outer leaves from the cape gooseberries and cut in half. Toss all the fruits together and stir in the lime juice.


Run a knife around the edge of the ring to loosen the mixture. Dip the mold quickly into cold water and then turn it out to a serving plate. Spoon all the prepared fruit into the center of the ring and serve immediately.


Enjoy with Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits cold.




Yogurt Ring with Tropical Fruits


You can use all types of fruits according to the season and and part of the world.

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