Zarda Recipe 2020 | Sweet Rice Recipe


Preparation of Zarda Recipe 2020 or Sweet Rice Recipe requires boiled rice with the addition of orange food color, sugar, milk as the main ingredients. Zarda has an amazing taste and everyone is fond of this dessert recipe. For garnishing of Zarda, you need raisins, pistachios, almonds,  and cardamoms.  However, you use the favorite items to decore it and get a nice presentation and lovely taste. We have used several items to get a yummy taste, the details are in the ingredients.  Zarda Recipe 2020 by Cook Awesome is perfect to be present and served at any gathering, celebration, or party. You can prepare at home with ease and serve at dinner parties as a dessert. I am sure that you try it and do let us know about it.



Zarda Recipe 2020 | Sweet Rice Recipe


1 kg soaked Sella rice

750-gram sugar

1 cup of water

½ cup Ghee

1 tbsp Yellow color

½ cup Almond

½ cup pistachio

1 tsp cardamom crushed

Raisins for garnishing

½ kg Khoya

1 cup Boondi

Different types of sweets as desired


Zarda Recipe 2020 | Sweet Rice Recipe

Preparation Method

In a bowl add water to soak the rice for 2-3 hours.

Take another pot and add water to it.

Boil it and add yellow color.

Then add soaked rice.

Cook till rice is well cooked.

When rice is cooked, drain, and set aside.

Now, take another cooking pot and put on medium flame.

Add ghee when it is hot, add cardamom.

Fry it for 2 minutes.

Add sugar and mix it well.

Add water and cook till sugar is dissolved.

Then add half quantity of boiled rice.

Give a layer of khoya and raisins.

Now add remained boiled rice over it.

In the end, again give a layer of raisins and khoya.

Cover and place the pot on a very low flame or place it on Tawa (griddle) to soak for 20 minutes. Remember, the flame should be very low.

After 10 minutes mix it upside down.

Dish it out.

Garnish in with sweets, raisins, almond, pistachio, and khoya.

Enjoy Zarda Recipe 2020 or Sweet Rice Recipe.


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