Zinger Burger Recipe is one of heart favorite fast foods of all age’s people. Younger people and kids love it. You can make this versatile burger easily at home.

Here is the easy recipe of zinger burger; it is a very simple recipe to make it at home



Zinger Burger Recipe

  1. Chicken                        2 breast thin slices
  2. Flour                              ½ cup
  3. Corn flour                    ½ cup
  4. Rice flour                     ½ cup
  5. Baking powder            2 tablespoons
  6. Egg                              1 pc
  7. Salt                              1 tablespoon
  8. Black pepper               1 tablespoon
  9. White pepper              1 tablespoon
  10. Mayonnaise                4 tablespoons
  11. Slices of cheese           4 numbers
  12. Lettuce leaves              2 pieces
  13. Oil                               for frying
  14. Burger buns                2 pcs
  15. Tomato                        1 pc
  16. Tomato ketchup          ½ cup


Preparation Method:

Zinger Burger Recipe


Firstly mix flour with rice flour, corn flour, and baking powder and place them aside.

Mix a little salt with black and white pepper and apply on the chicken’s breast on both sides.

Beat egg and mixed it with salt, black and white pepper.

Now apply egg mixture on breast pieces, coat them in flour mixture. (Make double coating)

Heat the oil and deep fry the breast pieces on the medium heat. You must cover them with a lid during frying.

Apply mayonnaise on both the portion of the bun, then put chicken breast pieces, lettuce leaves, cheese slice, tomato, and ketchup.

Serve with French fries


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