No dish is faster, quicker, and more elaborate than the Italian American recipe of chicken Marsala. This recipe comes with exciting savor, due to the pan-fried chicken, mushroom-studded Marsala wine, garlic, and shallots. The secret of this chicken Marsala recipe version is to add extra gelatin in the chicken stock, this helps to get the glazed sauce that you would love!


Chicken Marsala Recipe

Pan-Fried Cooking

Chicken Recipe

Category: Chicken + Wine

SERVES: 4 Persons

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes




Chicken Marsala Recipe

Boneless chicken, each pound should be about half thick

300ml of Marsala wine

180ml of home-made chicken stock

One packet of unflavored gelatin

Fresh grounded black pepper


One cup of flour

60ml of Olive oil

160g of shredded shallots

Minced garlic

285g mushrooms- steamed

Two-medium shredded garlic

One teaspoon of thyme

45g of butter (without salt), shredded into cubes

5ml of soy sauce

Lemon juice, fresh to flavor

Shredded parsley to garnish



Preparation Method:

Chicken Marsala Recipe

Place a bowl to mix the Marsala and the stock. You can do this with a measuring cup also, then spread gelatin after mixing.

Spice the chicken breast with salt and pepper; pour about half of flour inside into a measuring cup or bowl. Make sure you shred each chicken breast into the flour, stop if it’s in excess. After this is done, transfer the shredded chicken cutlets or breast into a clean plate.

Steam the olive oil until it shimmers as you do this, fry the chicken until it is browned a little. Make sure the chicken cutlets are browned on each side with a spatula, then transfer to the paper towels

Put the mushroom in skillet, but do not remove the oil that remains, and start cooking it immediately. Cook the mushrooms until it all its parts are browned evenly (do this for around 10 minutes). While cooking, add with garlic, thyme, and shallots. Stir until the shallots look translucent. If the pan looks dry, put some oil in it!

To add extra flavor, pour Marsala to the pan and also take out the entire gelatin. Make sure you scrape the browned parts at the bottom of the pan, till the liquids are reduced. When this is done, add some soy sauce and unsalted butter till it mixes together, then adds salt and pepper to the mixture to spice evenly. Add some lemon juice to it to the flavor.

Take the chicken cutlets to the pan, swirl to cover them with sauce. Make sure you the chicken cutlets don’t break, but if you notice this, then, then sprinkle some water to it. Transfer to the prepared recipe to a clean plate, adding the sauce all over the chicken. Add parsley and enjoy!


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Chicken Marsala Recipe

 Reasons why this method is suitable

When your dredge the chicken, it makes sure the chicken doesn’t over-cooked, thus, giving it a velvety texture.

The gelatin used which is not flavored, makes it look rich; it also adds that restaurant feels and savor to it.

The soy sauce adds more savor to the recipe, making the mushrooms less noticeable.


Chicken Marsala Recipe started in Italy, adopted by the British, popular dish in the United States, and improved with an important Asian ingredient….the Chicken Marsala is truly a global dish.