Umm Ali | Umm-e-Ali | Arabic Dessert Recipe

Umm Ali recipe is an Egyptian dessert recipe. Unlike other Arabic dessert dishes, the ingredients are easily available to make traditional dessert.

Fried Cabbage with Beef Onion and Garlic

Fried Cabbage with Beef Onion and Garlic is families’ favorite. For that reason, you can find almost in every cookbook and website on the internet

Easy Fried Chicken Recipe with Hummus

Fried Chicken Recipe with hummus is an easy chicken recipe served with a delightful garbanzo beans dip, Middle Eastern style that offers a yummy chicken.

Kulfi Recipe (Pakistani – Indian Ice Cream)

Kulfi Recipe Recipe - Kulfi is a Pakistan and Indian version of ice cream that normally uses Khoya a special ingredient. It is a very popular frozen dessert.

Awesome Stir Fried Stuffed Eggs

Stir Fried Deviled Eggs Recipe is a big hit in our family. My mom uses to make it every time on occasions and festivals and in snacks time as well.