In the region of Middle East, Pakistan and India Falooda is termed as a very much popular dessert and is a favorite during summers served with rose syrup, ice cream or kulfa. Readymade falooda is always available, but it is also not very much difficult to make it at home.

Below we will discuss a simple Falooda Recipe | Make Falloda At Home that will be useful for those who want to make falooda at home. This is something which is termed as perfect for summers and making it at home is an activity, which is always a wonderful experience.



Falooda Recipe | Make Falloda At Home


  • ¾ cup of Faloods sev
  • 1 cup ofRabdi
  • Syrup of rose
  • Basil seeds one tablespoon soaked in water
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Nuts for the purpose of garnishing


Making Randi

  • You will need 3 cups of milk
  • Cardamom one pinch
  • A half cup of sugar
  • Saffron seeds


You will have to start by boiling three cups of milk upon medium level heat. Low the flame and allow milk to get reduced to 1/3rd of initial quantity, stir consistently. Make the addition of sugar and inquire about sweets. At last, make the addition of cardamom powder one pinch and some strands of saffron if you wish.

Make Falooda Sev

For making this using sev maker appears as a good choice. Take ½ cup of corn flour and mix with ½ cups of water and make a smooth mixture. Add another cup of water to this mixture.

Take a wider pan and put it on a low flame and add the mixture.  This should be stirred in a continuous manner and you stop cooking when takes a transparent form. This should be added to the sev and it should be pressed when it’s piping hot. In cold water, sev should be pressed and squeezed and allow it to stay there so that it can be used for falooda. You can buy ready Falooda Sev also)


Falooda Recipe | Make Falloda At Home

Filling the Serving Glasser with Falooda


  • As the bottom layer, you should add falooda sev


  • Now make the addition of two to 3 tablespoons of rabdi over its top


  • Make the addition of 1 to 2 teaspoon of rose syrup according to the flavor that you want to add


  • Make the addition of two tablespoons of basil seeds and vanilla ice cream scoop


  • Add few drops of favorite syrup on the top of Falooda.