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Aubergine | Eggplants | Vegetable

Aubergine or Eggplants belong to the same family as tomatoes, pepper. Originally, they were white and yellow and about the size of hen’s egg, hence eggplant. Now the elongated purple type is predominant. The flesh of aubergines contains calcium, iron and vitamin B and C. Aubergines stimulate the liver and [...]

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Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe

These delectable chocolate truffles are ideal for serving after dinner or for gifts as they are an unusual home-made present. These truffles are delicious.

Fruity Pebble Crunch Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Children love Fruity Pebble Crunch Ice Cream Cake. An easy to make cake recipe with only a few ingredients. Enjoy with colorful cool dessert during warm summer!

Coca-Cola Ice Cream Cake Recipe

  Coca-Cola Ice Cream Cake is a type of cake that doesn’t only taste good but at the same time, the dessert also smells good. The coca cola frosting topping gives a unique taste to the cake.   Ingredients: Coca-Cola Ice Cream Cake Recipe Flour                                       2 cups White sugar [...]

Blueberry Cordial Recipe

Only the finest blueberries should be chosen to make this popular healthy drink of Sweden. Try Blueberry Cordial at your home, it is awesome!