Awesome Popcorn Chicken Recipe I Popcorn Nuggets

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Awesome Popcorn Chicken Recipe I Popcorn Nuggets

The golden, crispy, crunchy and juicy bite sized Awesome Popcorn Chicken is one of the most popular & favorite of all age group food lovers. It is a great snack and most liked appetizer of the high class menu.


This tangy snack can be made at home easily. Every person at home will love this crispy small piece of popcorn chicken.


In this yummy recipe, the chicken portions are seasoned with the flour mixture, twice breaded and then deep fried. Please your kids with Popcorn Nuggets.



Ingredients: Awesome Popcorn Chicken Recipe I Popcorn Nuggets


Boneless Chicken                             ½ kg

Chicken powder                               1tbsp

Onion powder                                   ½ tsp

Salt                                                      as taste

Black pepper                                      1tsp

White pepper                                    1tsp

Flour                                                  ½ cup

Egg                                                      2

Sugar                                                  1tsp

Oil                                                        for fry




Preparation Method: Awesome Popcorn Chicken Recipe I Popcorn Nuggets


In a bowl put chicken, black pepper, white pepper, salt, sugar, chicken powder and onion powder.

Mix it well.

Now marinate it for 15 to20 mint.

Now add flour and egg into the chicken mixture.

Mix it until all pieces of chicken is covered with flour mixture.

In a pan put oil and heat it up in slow flame.

Now deep fry the chicken.

Serve it with tomato sauce, chilli garlic sauce or mayonnaise.

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