There can be nothing better than to enjoy the Best Breakfast Pancakes Recipe for your breakfast as these serve as the best adventure for your breakfast. This is not at all a complex recipe as all that you need here is sugar in powdered form along with fresh fruit for availing a decent experience related with pancakes.



Best Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

• Pancake mix one box
• Orange one
• Sugar in powdered form
• Blueberries


Preparation Method:

Best Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

Follow the instructions mentioned on the box for making pancakes. Cook a medium-sized and one large-sized pancake. Take a large pancake and place in plate’s center as it is going to act as a body of BB-8. Now your job will be to cut medium-sized pancake in a half. But do it in a manner where you keep one side large in comparison to the other. Trim the corners of the larger half and it will act as the head of BB-8. Place it above pancake that is large.


Now, sprinkle the powder sugar over the pancake. Cut the orange into round shaped slices take another slice and cut in a crescent shape. Place the other side towards the bottom at the right side. Place two blueberries on the medium-sized pancake.