Fried Whitebait with Green Salad

Fried Whitebait with Green Salad

Whitebait is the name of collective term given to little immature fish of varied species. They are usually translucent and small and which are eaten whole after the deep fried. These small fishes are incredibly tasty! These Fried Whitebaits can be served as a main course dish or as an appetizer. In Spain, nothing is much simpler than fried whitebait. Italians are great fans of fried fish and fried whitebait brings smile around the dinner table. Moreover, Americans have french-fries but Greeks love to have fried whitebaits. It is a favorite dish at the ouzu bars of the Athens. Try this Fried Whitebait with Green Salad

At home and enjoy!




Ingredients: Fried Whitebait with Green Salad


White bait, fresh or frozen                          450 g

Plain flour                                                      85 g

Cayenne Pepper                                           ½ tsp

Salt                                                                  to taste

Black pepper                                                  to taste



For Salad


Rocket leaves                                                 125 g

Cherry tomatoes, halved                              125 g

Cucumber cut into dice                                 75 g

Olive oil                                                            3 tbsp

Lemon juice, fresh                                          1 tbsp

Mustard paste                                                 ½ tsp

Caster sugar                                                    ½ tsp




Preparation Method: Fried Whitebait with Green Salad 


If the whitebaits are frozen, thaw completely, then wipe and dry with absorbent kitchen paper.


Heat the oil in a deep-fat fryer. Mix cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper in a bowl. Place the fish in a large, shallow dish and toss well in the flour mixture.


Deep fry the fish in batches for 2-3 minutes or until crisp and golden. Keep the fried whitebaits warm while deep frying the remaining fish.


Meanwhile, to make salad, arrange the rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber on individual serving dishes. Whisk the olive oil and the remaining ingredients together and season lightly. Drizzel the dressing over the salad and serve with whitebaits.

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