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Knockout Cocktails Recipes | Caribbean Style Cocktails


The colorful atmosphere of the Caribbean is captured in these Knockout Cocktails Recipes of three. The flavors of Caribbean Style Cocktails give the meal a sensational lift!

Pina Colada


Makes 6 Long Drinks


Ingredients: Pina Colada

Unsweetened pineapple juice                   700 ml

Canned coconut cream                               300 ml

Golden rum                                                  350 ml

Crushed Ice                                                  plenty



Preparation Method: Pina Colada

Quarter fill a glass jug with ice, add one-third of the ingredients and mix briskly. Or blend for 2-4 second in a blender.


Pour into 2 chilled glasses and serve at once. Mix up 2 more batches with the remaining ingredients.



Caribbean Blues


Makes 6 Short Drinks

Ingredients: Caribbean Blues


Vodka                                  350 ml

Blue Curacao                      75 ml

Dry vermouth                    75 ml

Crushed ice, plenty            to serve



Preparation Method: Caribbean Blues


Put all the ingredients, except ice in a large glass jug and mix well.


Fill 6 chilled cocktail glasses with crushed ice, pour the cocktail over the ice and serve at once.



Planter’s Punch

Makes 6 Long Drinks


Ingredients: Planter’s Punch


Dark rum                                           350 ml

Lemon juice                                       175 ml

Grenadine                                          4 tsp

Orange juice                                      300 ml

Pineapple juice                                  300 ml

Angostura bitters                              few dashes

Plenty of crushed ice                        to serve


To garnish

Orange slices                                     6

Lemon slices                                      6

Cocktail cherries                               6



Preparation Method: Planter’s Punch


Put all the ingredients, except ice in a large glass jug and mix well.


Fill 6 large tumblers with crushed ice and pour the punch over the ice.


Garnish each glass with an orange and lemon slice and a cherry.

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