Do your kids like cookies? Kids who like the Oats cookies should be given these delicious cookies in energy form. Add energy in children cookies. Get ready to prepare Oats Energy Cookies Recipe at home.





Oats Energy Cookies Recipe

Following ingredients should be used in order to prepare these cookies.

  1. 50 grams rolled oats.
  2. 50 grams butter.
  3. 85 grams flour.
  4. 2 tablespoons milk (condensed).
  5. 50 grams brown sugar.
  6. 50 gram dried apricots.


Method for Baking:

Oats Energy Cookies Recipe


  1. Prepare the oven at 150 degree Celsius.


  1. Cut the fresh apricots and make small pieces.


  1. Bring a bowl and add butter to it.


  1. Now add sugar and mix the ingredients thoroughly.


  1. Add milk while mixing the apricot pieces and oats.


  1. The dough is ready, so add flour to make it true dough.
  2. Put the dough into a large bowl to make a ball.


  1. Now make 6 long rolls with this dough.


  1. Cut the roll into small pieces similar to cookies.


  1. Place all the cookies in a tray in line.


  1. Bake the cookies until turn golden (20 to 25 minutes).


  1. Remove the tray from oven and leave it to cool.


  1. Oats Energy Cookies are ready to serve.


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