Roasted Banana Chips Recipe

Roasted Banana Chips Recipe

Homemade Roasted Banana Chips are deliciously sweet and energizer.  Baked banana chips are very easy to make and they are perfect to portable and they provide energy before a workout. Banana chips are nutritious snack for the kids and a perfect snack for travel, hiking or work.  Learn the roasted banana chips recipe or baked banana chips recipe from cook awesome.




Ingredients: Roasted Banana Chips Recipe



Bananas, peeled                     4


Superfine sugar                       to garnish

Cooking spray




Preparation Method: Roasted Banana Chips Recipe



Preheat the oven to 200 F.


Coat the baking sheet with cooking spray.


Peel and cut bananas into about 1 mm slices.


Banana slices evenly placed on baking sheet.


Sprinkle a little sugar on the banana slices.


Bake the slices for about 40-50 minutes or according to your own time adjustment and by checking the surface of the banana through a knife. Make sure, you turn over once, and bake until become golden brown and crispy.


Roasted Banana Chips Recipe is completed. (Optional) Drizzle fine sugar on chips once they are out of oven.

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