Stuffed Chicken Recipe is one of the greatest ways to cook chicken. Stuffing whole chicken is an innovative way to cook chicken. Stuffing will add colors to the recipe and it will be delicious as well. Chicken is everybody’s favorites and with additional ingredients will delight your family and friends.



Stuffed Chicken Recipe


Chicken (whole Cleaned), 1 ½ kg

Potatoes  (boiled), 2

Carrots (boiled), 2

Peas (boiled), 1 cup

Onion (finely chopped), 1

Yogurt   (whipped), 250 grams

Red chili powder, 2 tbsp

Ginger/garlic paste, 2 tbsp

Hot spices powder, 1 Tsp

Unsalted butter, ½ cup

Black pepper (crushed), 1 Tsp

Lemon Juice, 4 tbsp

Salt, to taste

Oil, for frying


Preparation Method:

Stuffed Chicken Recipe


Peel the carrot and potato, cut in cube and boil.


Make small cuts in the chicken


Mix ginger/garlic paste, hot spices, black pepper, red chilies, salt with yogurt in a bowl.


Coat the chicken with the mix of spices


Heat the butter and fry onions till becoming golden, remove and dry on a paper and crushed.


Fry all the vegetables and crushed onion lightly in the same oil and keep aside.


Mix the vegetable with lemon juice in a bowl and keep aside.


Now fill this mixture inside the chicken and bind it with a strong thread and steam it in a teamer.


Now take a bigger pot, put oil and heat it. Place the whole chicken in it and cook on the low flame when it becomes brown from one side change the side until it becomes golden.


Now your Stuffed chicken is ready, serve with Salad and ketchup.