Have you heard of Chicken Parmesan Pizza Recipe but do not know the possible ingredients need or the best way to prepare it? Do you want to surprise your family members with uniquely prepare an exceptional chicken meal this holiday but do know the right way to prepare one? You are not to worry as what you need is Chicken Parmesan Pizza and this post is about to provide you with a comprehensive recipe you need to prepare the meal right in your kitchen.



Chicken Parmesan Pizza Recipe

  • 1 (10-oz) package of frozen garlic bread loaf
  • ½ cup of canned pizza sauce
  • 6 deli chicken strips fried
  • 1 cup (4-oz) of shredded Italian 3-cheese blend
  • 2 tabs of chopped basil fresh


Preparation Method:  

Chicken Parmesan Pizza Recipe


  1. Make sure you preheat the oven to about 400 degrees. Organize your garlic bread and place the buttered side upward inside a baking sheet.


  1. Bake the garlic bread for about 9 minutes in 400 degrees oven or continue to bake till the bread turns light brown. Sprinkle the pizza sauce over the baked garlic bread.


  1. Slice your chicken strips into 1/2” pieces and arrange them on the pizza sauce. Spread with cheese and basil.


  1. Go ahead and bake again for about 8-10 minutes at 400-degree oven heat or continue to bake until the cheese melts away.


  1. Just serve your Chicken Parmesan Pizza immediately it is done.