Parsley Cheese Bites

The Parsley Cheese Bites is a 15-minute recipe that is loaded with cheese and topped with parsley.  Serve on cocktail sticks, with sticks of celery and Melba toast as a perfect snack or starter, appetizer or alternatively, add them to a cheeseboard to end a meal.




Ingredients: Parsley Cheese Bites


Full fat soft cheese                  75 grams

Cheddar cheese (grated)        100 grams

Danish blue cheese                 50 grams

Ground black pepper (Fresh)  as desired

Plain flour                               2-3 tablespoons

Fresh Parsley (finely chopped)    4-5 tablespoons



Preparation Method: Parsley Cheese Bites


Mix all the cheese together; use a fork and form a smooth paste. Now add pepper as per your taste.


Place the finely chopped parsley and the flour on a separate plate. Put the flour on you scalp, shake off excess flour and start making the round ball from the cheese mixture. Make 20 small cheese balls from this cheese mixture, re-flouring your hands if required. Roll each cheese ball in finely chopped parsley.


Transfer all these cheese balls to a serving plate and refrigerate it for 30 minutes before serving. Always serve chilled.



Serves                                      4


Nutrition facts:            250 calories per ball


Cooking Time:   Parsley Cheese Bites

Total preparation time is 10-15 minutes but allow a further 30 minutes for chilling.



Any mixture of cheese can be used and it is fun to experiment with different flavors but the base must always be made from full fat soft cheese to make the bites cling together.

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