In Morocco, you can find pan-fried bread or Harcha on every street. The platter sized fried bread is being offered in block shape slices; however, you can give any shape to Semolina Bread. The taste is somehow like cornbread. People eat the delicious hot Harcha at tea time. You can serve it at breakfast with cheese, butter and honey syrup or jam.


Semolina Pan-Fried Bread | Moroccan Harcha


  • Milk – 150 milliliters
  • Melted butter – 125 grams
  • Salt – ¼ teaspoon
  • Baking soda – two teaspoons
  • Sugar – three tablespoons
  • Fine Semolina – two cups


Semolina Pan-Fried Bread | Moroccan Harcha

How to Make Harcha?

Take a mixing bowl and add salt, fine semolina, baking powder, and sugar. Blend all the ingredients and add melted butter in it. Mix it well with a spoon till the grains of semolina get moistened.

To make the dough, add ½ cups of milk. The dough should be wet, moist and can be formed into a mound. If necessary, you can add more milk to make a better dough. Make medium-sized balls of this dough. Cover the pan-fried bread (Harcha) dough and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Take a frying pan or griddle and preheat it. Flatten the balls into a thick disc. On low heat, cook the Semolina bread. After 7 to 10 minutes, flip the side of pan-fried bread (Harcha). Keep on cooking till the bread gets a golden color. Do not flip the Harcha again and again. Let the one side cook and check intermittently. Take honey and butter in equal quantity and heat them to make syrup. Serve the hot pan-fried bread immediately with syrup.


Semolina Pan-Fried Bread | Moroccan Harcha

Cook’s Note:

If you use coarse semolina for coating the balls before frying, it will give them a more appealing texture. If you have baked the pan-fried bread (Harcha), it can be stored in the freezer. You can serve the frozen bread by reheating it in a microwave or frying pan.


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