What are the benefits of Figs or Anjeer? Figs or anjeer have several advantages to one’s life. Here are 15 proven reasons we feel we should share.


15 Benefits of Figs or Anjeer


1. Aids in Weight loss:

If you are on a campaign to lose weight, a selected consumption of figs or anjeer shall aid in helping you lose this weight? The high amount of fiber helps reduce weight. You should be wary that too much of it could lead to weight gain as it contains high amounts of calories.

2. Control Cases of Heart Disease:

Phenol and omega-3 amongst other fatty acids are components of dried figs which help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Making this selection of your diet means you stand a lesser risk of heart diseases

3. Constipation:

Every fig serving has at least 5 grams of fiber meaning this concentration of fiber can assist with constipation in the gut

4. Keep Cholesterol Low:

Pectin is a soluble fiber contained in fig which helps in clumping excess cholesterol from the digestive tract.

5. Lower Chances of Breast Cancer:

The fiber content in figs is known to protect against breast cancer in that after menopause, women hormonal balance often fluctuates.

6. Treat STD’s:

They have used figs in the past for treating Sexually transmitted diseases in India. A consumption of figs could help give relief or treat sexually transmitted diseases. You can do further research on the extent to which it does.

7. Reduce Risks of Hypertension:

Figs are low in sodium and high in potassium which helps with controlling hypertension.

8. Promote Functional Control of Diabetes:

Figs leaves are rich in potassium which helps regulate the amount of sugar that the body absorbs.


Benefits of Figs or Anjeer



9. Treat Respiratory Conditions:

Organic chemicals in fig leaves make them the right component to treat your respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and in doing so, a chance of an escalation of asthmatic symptoms are reduced.

10. Your Bones Need Calcium:

Eating calcium-rich foods means you are less prone to a risk of osteoporosis a condition where one has weak bones. Figs come with components of calcium and in having more of fig, means more calcium.

11. Boost Your Sexual Life:

One of the Benefits of Figs or Anjeer is that Figs associated with the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Endurance, sterility and erectile dysfunction can be overturned by more intake of fig. Fig contains a high component of minerals and vitamins that boost energy levels in the body and hence enhancing one’s sexual life.

12. Maintain a Better Eye Vision:

The moment the eyes macular starts degenerating, one to have poorer vision. Figs help prevent macular degeneration hence giving you a better vision.

13. Cure For Anemia:

Being anemic or having anemia means you have a little blood in the body. Iron in figs is a key component of hemoglobin found in the blood hence more intake of fig to more intake of iron that stimulates blood present in the body hence reducing on anemia.

14. Give Your Liver Better Health:

If your liver is having any obstruction, figs consumption aid in clearing this obstruction and giving it a better health.

15. Flushing out Kidney Stones:

Large kidney stones could require one undergoing a surgical procedure or shock wave therapy. Drinking a lot of figs leaves water help in flushing out the kidney stones.


Bottom-Line: Benefits of Figs or Anjeer

Figs or anjeer have several benefits that add value to one health. Anybody looking for an organic food rich in vitamins and minerals should always look forward to this.