Amazing Health Benefits of Okra (Bhindi)

Amazing Health Benefits of Okra (Bhindi)


Okra is commonly known as “Bhindi” in Hindi and Urdu. It is called Lady’s Finger in English, Bendakaya in Telugu, Vendakai in Malayalam, Bhinda in Gujarati and Dherash in Bengali. Soluble and insoluble contents of Okra make it attractive with its high fibers. This is a vegetable and it is commonly used for different recipes in different parts of the world.


Nutritional value:

Okra is a nutritive vegetable with high fibers. 100 grams lady’s finger contains following nutritive composition.

  • Calories 1.5 %.
  • Carbohydrates 7.03 grams.
  • Proteins 2 grams.
  • Fats 0.1gram.
  • Fibers 9 %.
  • Niacin 1 mg.
  • Folates 88 mg.
  • Vitamin C, E & K (21 mg, 36 mg & 53 mg).
  • Phosphorous 63 mg.
  • Zinc 0.6 mg.
  • Magnesium 57 mg.


Some of the attractive benefits of okra are given below.


 High fiber:

Dietary fiber is one of the most important benefits of lady’s finger. This feature makes it ideal for the digestive system. High fiber also facilitates appropriate bowel movement.

Prevent diabetes:

This vegetable is ideal for the people with disorder of diabetes. As mentioned above, it has high fiber which helps in immunity development. Following Okra formula controls the diabetes in best way.

  • Bring 2 pods of okra and cut their both ends.
  • This cut will result in sticky liquid oozing out from the pods. Take care of it.
  • Put these pods in glass of water at night and cover it.
  • In the morning, remove the pods and drink the water.


This drink should be prepared on daily basis. Drinking this solution early in the morning helps to maintain the blood sugar levels. Remember, this formula is better than other options such as cooked lady’s fingers. You can add the lady’s finger in soups and curries for this purpose.


How it works?

Actually, there are fibers in the pods and these are excellent for digestive system. These fibers slow down the sugar uptake in the main blood stream. It activates the intestine to lower the sugar extraction from foods. It also reduces the level of glucose (Glycemic load) which otherwise keeps varying levels of sugars in body.  It lowers the bile acids resulting in cholesterol control while stopping the digestive system to reabsorb the sugars.


High folate contents:

Lady’s finger is an excellent treatment for the Neural Tube Defects. It is commonly recommended to manage these defects during pregnancy.


Vitamin K:

We already know the benefits of Vitamin K.  Consuming lady’s finger delivers more vitamin k which helps to prevent blood clotting. This vitamin is also known to offer additional strength to bones.


Control asthma:

Add lady’s finger in your daily meal and it will help to treat asthma. As a matter of fact, this vegetable is commonly recommended for asthma treatment worldwide.


Avoid constipation:

Okra facilitates the absorption of water in proper means. This ensures that body will discharge wastes proper. This directly helps to prevent constipation.


Prevent sunstroke:

Okra has excellent ability to manage the water levels in body. Therefore, it is known to prevent sunstroke.


Controls colon cancer:

There are publications suggesting the role of lady’s finger in colon cancer prevention. Add okra in your diet and it will keep you away from the colon cancer.


Obesity control:

Whether you use lady’s finger in cooked or raw form, it will help to manage the cholesterol and calories. In this way, it is an excellent opportunity to control obesity. It delivers essential nutrients and high fibers keeping the body systems perfect in all aspects.


Cholesterol management:

Okra is known to fight against high cholesterol levels. This fight results in prevention from ailments and heart disorders. Remember, cholesterol triggers the heart problems and obesity in body.


Low GI food:

People with diabetes are always recommended to consume low GI foods. Okra is among the best GI foods available in markets. The GI Index of okra is 20 and it is considered very low GI Index according to medical standards.


Kidney disease prevention:

Type 2 kidney diseases are life threatening. Diabetes is one of the major causes of more than 50 % kidney diseases. Eating lady’s finger in various ways controls diabetes thus preventing the kidney problems.


Improves digestion:

As mentioned above, lady’s finger has high fiber contents supporting proper bowel movement and stopping re-absorption of sugars. This is directly linked to digestive system improvement.


An active antioxidant:

Consuming rich antioxidant foods helps to prevent heart problems, cancer, cholesterol, high calories and premature aging. High amount of Catechin, Quercetin, Epicatechin, Rutin and Procyanidin is present in lady’s finger. No doubt, okra is a super food.


Prevent dandruff:

The transparent liquid obtained from okra is mixed with water and applied to the hair. This helps to remove the dandruff. This solution is also useful to make hair more beautiful and shining.


How to buy best quality lady’s fingers?

We have discussed some topical as well as consuming benefits of lady’s finger. Now it is time to see how to buy the best quality Bhindi from markets. Check the given tips to understand the best selection procedure.

  • Prefer small pods: As a matter of fact, small pods are best for the consumption because of the tenderness. Taste of these pods is better than bigger pods. On the other hand, smaller pods contain fresh ingredients.


  • Focus on brightness: Always choose bright green lady’s finger pods. There will be variation in the colors at vegetable stores. Therefore, it is recommended to see bright green pods.


  • Check unblemished pods: Well, this is a general selection tip. Everyone prefers to buy perfect vegetables in order to enjoy better taste and nutrition. Choose fresh lady’s fingers and avoid the rotten ones.


  • Firmness: This is a considerable point for buyers. Soft lady’s fingers show rotten seeds inside.


Bonus recipe:

Grilled Bhindi Recipe

Grilled Okra Recipe



Grilled Okra Recipe

For the readers of, we are going to share a bonus recipe of Grilled Okra.


Following ingredients would be required to make this delicious dish.

  1. Okra
  2. Olive oil/Grapeseed oil.
  3. Lemon juice.
  4. Salt


Perpetration Method: Grilled Okra Recipe

  1. Prepare the stove or charcoal grill to maintain high flame.
  2. Trim the okra stems from ends.
  3. Now toss the lady’s finger in olive oil.
  4. Place the oily Bhindi on grill and cover it.
  5. Keep turning the lady’s fingers in order to grill equally from all sides.
  6. Once grilling is done, remove okra from the grill.
  7. Sprinkle lemon juice and salt to enjoy hot grilled okra.



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