Okra or Bhindi is a wonderful vegetable that is used to prepare several sensational and delicious dishes. Apart from making vegetable dishes, they are used with other veggies, curries, and lentils like sambar.


SERVES                 4

Microwave Recipe

Preparation and Cooking Time    45 minutes



Okra with Tomato | Bhindi Recipe

500g okra

1 large onion

2 garlic cloves

3 tbsp white wine vinegar

Salt and black pepper

6 tbsp olive oil

500g tomatoes

125ml white wine

2 sprigs of thyme

2 tbsp chopped parsley



Preparation Method:

Okra with Tomato | Bhindi Recipe

Wash the okra; carefully remove the ends, using a sharp knife and take care not damage the flesh. Arrange side by side on a rectangular plate. Drizzle with vinegar and sprinkle with salt. Leave for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, finely chop the onion and garlic. Put them with the oil in a microwave dish. Fry for 2 minutes at 600 watts, until transparent.

Wash the tomatoes. Cut a cross on the top and, dripping wet, in a microwave dish. Put them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes at 600 watts. Rinse in cold water, then peel, remove seeds, chop and add to the onion. Add thyme, salt, and black pepper. Pour in the white wine. Cook gently, uncovered for 6-8 minutes at 600 watts.

Mix the okra with the tomato sauce, cover and cook for 6-8 minutes at 600 watts, stirring once gently. Leave to stand for a few minutes. Serve sprinkled with parsley.

Okra recipe can be an accompaniment to roast chicken, grilled fish or as a simple vegetarian dish.


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