Bread Rasmalai Recipe | Instant Rasmalai Recipe


Bread rasmalai is the squeezed edition of standard rasmalai which is a popular dessert in South Asia. The instant version of this rasmalai is consisting of bread slices instead of cottage cheese balls or rasgullas. There are plenty of ways to prepare this rasmalai such as paneer or Chhena which is dunked in milk. I personally like this instant version of this rasmalai and I’m sure you will also love this feast after preparing at home. The idea behind this is to introduce our loyal consumers with a fuss-free and quick to prepare rasmalai recipes. And trust me it tastes really awesome.

Traditional rasmalai is basically a Bengali dessert that is made from chenna and thick milk. Our recipe doesn’t give picture-perfect of this traditional rasmalai but we can bet the taste is really close to the authentic recipe. The involvement of chopped dry fruits will double the flavor and look of this rasmalai.

We are preparing this instant rasmalai on the demand of our fans. After receiving a lot of comments and emails, we decided to share this recipe with you. This time-saving recipe will rescue when you receive unexpected guests at home. There’s nothing better than this instant bread rsamalai to serve your guests and family members.

Bread Rasmalai Recipe || Instant Rasmalai Recipe

Moreover, you can also prepare this rasmalai with rabdi and milk. But we club both items and share them as a single recipe. Before starting, it is important to follow some tips in order to prepare a perfect bread rasmalai recipe.

  • Use fresh bread instead of stale bread. The stale one can be soggy and can change the overall taste of the recipe.
  • In order to prepare thick rabdi, boil milk and add 2 tablespoons of cornflour or bread crumbs. It is really important to infuse bread in rabdi right before serving.
  • If you are using condensed milk then there’s no need to add sugar. If you are using evaporated milk then add the mentioned amount of sugar.


Bread Rasmalai Recipe Video

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Preparation Time – 5 min

Cook Time – 30 min

Total Time – 35 min


Bread Rasmalai Recipe || Instant Rasmalai Recipe


  • Full cream cows/ buffalo milk, 4 cups.
  • Condensed milk/ milkmaid, 1 cup.
  • Saffron milk, 2 tsp.
  • Cardamom powder, 1/2 tsp.
  • Chopped pistachios, almonds, and cashews, 5 tsp.
  • White sandwich bread, 5 slices.


Bread Rasmalai Recipe || Instant Rasmalai Recipe

Preparation Method:

  • Boil buffaloes/ cow milk in a big nonstick pan.
  • Mix irregularly to ensure that the milk does not stick to the base of the pan.
  • Now, put in one cup of condensed milk.
  • Mix occasionally and boil it for some time.
  • Decrease the heat to medium. After some time a layer of cream is created over the milk.
  • Now, boil the milk again.
  • Gather cream from the corners of the pan at least 3 to 6 times or till the milk decreased to 1/3 (one-third).
  • Then add the saffron milk and cardamom powder in boiled milk.
  • Stir efficiently and heat the milk again.
  • Scratch off the gathered cream for the corners and simmer it for further 2 minutes.
  • Allow it to cool at room temperature and put in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Slice the bread into a round shape with the aid of a glass or cookie cutter.
  • Soak both sides of bread in rabdi for two minutes.
  • Transfer into a plate and drizzle some rabdi on the top.
  • Garnish with chopped dry fruits and serve.
  • Serve bread rasmalai hot or chilled.


Bread Rasmalai Recipe || Instant Rasmalai Recipe

Important Notes:

  • Add bread slices in rabdi just before serving otherwise it would become soggy.
  • For great taste and color, always use white sandwich bread.
  • Prepare rabdi on low-to-medium heat otherwise it may burn and taste sour.
  • Don’t use condensed milk and always use evaporated milk.


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