Karachi Aloo Samosa|Street Style Mini Samosa with Aloo Chutney



You can learn with us how to make the Karachi Aloo Samosa with the Aloo Chutney recipe. This street-style mini samosa is a yummy and mouth-watering snack recipe for the evening. You can easily make it at home and serve it to your guest and family members. This Karachi Aloo Samosa ( Streat Style Mini Somosa will remind your school time memory. Make this snack recipe this weekend. We are sure that everybody will love it. Enjoy with family!


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Ingredients of samosa Patti

2 cups plain flour

2-3 melted salted butter

Luke warm water as required

Ingredients for Filling | Karachi Aloo Samosa

2 medium size boiled mash potatoes

Salt as taste


Ingredients for Aloo Chutney 

1 large Potato boiled

Salt as taste

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp chili flakes

Chat masala as desired

1/2 cup tamarind pulp

1 tsp crushed coriander

1/2 tsp orange food color

1/2 tsp red chili powder


Preparation Method | Karachi Aloo Samosa

Add all the ingredients in a large bowl.

Mix well.

Add warm water.

Knead the semi-soft dough.

Leave it for 30 min.

On the other side, take 2 boiled potatoes.

Shred it well.

Add salt to taste.

Mix well and set it aside.

After 30 min, knead the dough again & make small balls.

Spread it thinly with the help of the roller.

Spread ghee over it.

Now put the ghee side over the flour dust.

Repeat the same procedure.

On the last one no need to apply ghee.

Now on the previous sheet, set the other sheet.

Karachi Street Food Samosa


Roll again until thin.

Put a flat pan on low to medium heat.

Transfer it over the pan.

When both sides are slightly cooked, take out the sheets

Cut it into samosa Patti

Take 2 tbsp of flour & water to make a thick paste.

Give the shape of a samosa and fill the filling in it.

Spread the paste on the tips.



Then fry it till golden brown.

In a blender jug add a large boiled potato & all the ingredients of chutney.

Blend it well.

Add some chutney to the plater, then ready samosa & again chutney.


Sprinkle some coriander leaves.

Karachi Aloo Samosa with Aloo Chutney is ready to eat.

Enjoy with a cup of tea.


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