The pineapple (Ananas) is a tropical healthy fruit. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes. Benefits of pineapples are numerous that includes improvement in the body immune system, lowering cancer risk, a great source of healthy carbs. It helps in helping heal wounds, strengthening bones, improving burn up, help to improve eye health and cellular health of skin and promoting tissue. Pineapples have several desirable benefits you shall discover in this article.


17 Amazing Benefits of Pineapples


1. You Want to Look Younger Eat Pineapples:

Consuming pineapple (Ananas) shall give your body more collagen synthesis which helps make your skin more flexible and giving you the younger look you so much desire.

2. Reduce the Inflammation of Acne:

Pineapple assists your body to reduce the inflammation of acne through Vitamin C compound in the fruit which is an antioxidant that fights inflammation around the body.

3. Feel Good With A Hydrated Skin:

Pineapple (Ananas) can assist keep your skin hydrated and looking better in the hot summer seasons. To do this, you can crush the pineapple into salve mixed with milk and egg York and then applied to the skin after which you wash off for a moisturized skin.

4. A Solution for Cracked Feet:

Your feet are cracked and looking the worst. The Collagen in pineapple makes it an organic scrub that helps cast off the flaky substances off your feet.

5. Prevent the Sneezing:

You cannot run away for colds too long or over your entire lifetime. Bromelain and Vitamin C help fight against mycobacterial infections that bring a cold and sneezing.

6. Improve your Immunity:

Other Benefits of pineapples are that it has Antioxidants that prevent radicals in your body and Vitamin C help in boosting your body’s immune system. A diet of pineapple (Ananas) means you have both in one.

7. No One Likes Cracked Lips:

There you are suffering from cracked lips and looking for a working solution. A mix of pineapples and coconut oil made in form of a salve shall help make your lips hydrated and prevent cracking.

8. Relief from Nausea:

They could associate pregnancy with rampant nausea but that doesn’t mean that you are safe from nausea for other occurrences. Blending some pineapple as juice shall assist with control and relief from nausea.

Pineapple - Ananas

Benefits of pineapples (Ananas) are numerous

9. Pineapple Aids A Healthy Heart:

Antioxidants help lower cholesterol levels in the body that could put your heart at risk. Pineapple is rich in antioxidants which mean your heart is safer with more pineapple.

10. Pineapple Helps Treat Intestinal Worms:

Pineapple (Ananas) contains Bromelain a digestive enzyme which helps in the clearing of intestinal parasites. Making this a part of your diet means you are benefiting from flushing out the intestinal worms.

11. Ease Your Bronchial Tubes Air Passage:

An anti-inflammatory compound in pineapples helps with bronchitis a condition that keeps your respiratory bronchial tubes blocked.

12. Work on Your Scalp Conditions:

Inflammation on the scalp can be uncomfortable and a remedy is one that you look for when in this situation. A diet of pineapples can greatly benefit you.

13. Stringer Bones with Pineapples:

A component of manganese in pineapple gives you the assurance of stronger bones. Add pineapples to your diet and it pays off with stronger bones.

14. Don’t Lose Your Eyesight:

Pineapples (Ananas) contain beta-carotene which can aid in enhancing your vision. The best Benefits of pineapples are that more pineapples definitely mean your vision is enhanced and you will work with better eyesight.

15. With Pineapples, You Are On Top Of Hypertension:

With sodium and potassium content, pineapples aid in keeping your blood pressure and hypertension in check. Regular inclusion of pineapples gives you the desired blood pressure to keep healthy.

16. Pineapples Prove To Fight Cancer:

So you are worried about cancer, the solution is simple by starting with a pineapple in your diet. Pineapples fight radicals by releasing antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of cancer in the body.

17. Did you know a Sore Throat and Sinuses Have This Solution?

You can use Pineapples intake to prevent sinuses and sour throat. The sour-sweet taste of pineapples


These are just a few of the benefits of pineapples (Ananas). A basket of pineapples means you are getting so many health benefits and improving your immunity.